Monday, August 25, 2008


"Are you in Redding to see the Sundial Bridge?"

"No, we are seeing the Sundial Bridge because we are in Redding."
Suggestive landscaping.
There is a round garden at the base of the sundial not visible in this photograph. Mark explained to Iris how sundials work. We asked her when a sundial would not work, expecting an answer about cloudy periods or the dark. Instead, she said that a sundial would not know about daylight savings time. Though, if you think about the recent extension of daylight savings time, we are on daylight savings time longer than "regular" time.
The elements have not been kind to the four year old bridge.
Notice the man driving the floor polisher in the top photo. His is a Sisyphean task.
We spotted a family of birds (possibly quail?), but the little ones fled into the brush and this large one stood guard.
Bye, bye Redding--halfway point between Seattle and LA.

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  1. Yup, that's an adult male California Quail. Their range extends from Baja to Canada. Their call sounds like, "Chi-ca-go!"


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