Sunday, August 03, 2008

Not Green

I am not sure why this kit (Habu Kit 36) is labeled green. Can you see the green? It more resembles a mossy piece of granite. Here is a close-up of the fabric texture with a flash.
And without a flash.
I started the final front piece last night. I might save the rest for later and take advantage of everyone's absence to go on a finishing binge. I have a bunch of projects 80-90% done and awaiting a few finishing steps that require space and concentration. Most of my knitting is done waiting in doctor's office or in bed. My knitting progress has been slowed down by the return of my health. (Yay!) This is the week I attack my UFO pile.

But first, off the Yoga class, a swim and a quick visit to my office.

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  1. Anonymous14:10

    You know, after seeing the skeins and knitted swatches in person, I have to say that it looks like it will be a color combo all it's own. The "papery" linen knits into a strong and stretchy fabric. And the color!!! I think it will look stunning with the black. This kit totally surprized me, and I am glad your sister gave you such a cool project.


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