Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Night Out

I had dinner at Yuzu with Pennamite and a blogless friend. No visit to Yuzu is complete (for me) without sesame ice cream.
We also stopped by Books Sanseido for Mrs Stylebook. I thought about buying both copies in stock-one for me, one for Bubblegum 4 Breakfast. But I wasn't sure if she really wanted one. What if someone else really, really wanted it and I took the last copy? They only order two of each issue. (They really need to order more.) I paid $14.52 including tax, much less than anything I found on the web. Hurry over there before it is gone.
It's late so I will scan in the designs I love at another time. But do notice that the cover girl is wearing flats. Inside, the models come in a wide variety of ages and they all look fantastic. They are all super small though.


  1. The model on the cover is wearing flats AND she looks genuinely comfortable and happy--not pouting or grimacing or bound into tight clothing or striking a contorted pose. Loved that about the magazines I saw at Books Sanseido.

    Yuzu was a great idea, thanks, I really enjoyed the meal and the company. And next time, I'm getting the sesame ice cream.

  2. I took the Style Book to the doctor's office with me today. I struck out because the office manager speaks but does not read Japanese. Ditto with the doctor, but she does sew so she helped me decipher part of the skirt instructions.

    The office manager took photocopies of the pattern instructions and my phone numbers. She said that, when one of the many retired Japanese ladies who like to knit in the waiting room comes by, she would ask them to translate for me. How nice.

    This evening, I walked some errands and realized, there are Japanese speakers all around our neighborhood. I bet some of them even sew and could help me with the instructions. I do so miss the Sansei friend/neighbor who moved back to Honolulu.

  3. I'd love a copy, so if there's a next time... Thanks for thinking of me!
    Btw, the Threads issue I have is 121, from 2005.

  4. I have the older Threads article, from the 1990s. I recall thinking that the newer one is not as detailed as the old one. When I locate it in the mess that is my sewing room, I will give you a heads up.


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