Sunday, August 03, 2008


I've been following Crazy Aunt Purl's progress in decluttering. Did you see her desk and her closet? Do scroll down the desk entry and see the "before" state of that room. I am so impressed with her persistence and discipline. Compare her recovery from divorce and crushing debt to this woman's.

The Stuff Diet at our home continues to have its ups and downs. We are actually doing a good job of not buying stuff we don't need (except for more yarn and fabric, but that is another post). It's akin to trying to lose body weight.

And that is the other news. After bragging about how I can wear clothes I bought 20 years ago, that is no longer the case. It appears that my skinniness was a symptom of ill health. Now that my lymphocytes are behaving more like functioning lymphocytes, the weight is not dropping off me any more. I am the same weight and size as my mom when she was my current age.

I gave some clothes to Goodwill, and Iris asked to hold on to some of the better stuff until she is older and can wear them. She is going to be a very well-dressed teenager someday.


  1. Yeah, that was kind of a shock, finding out that skinny was a symptom of ill health, when I just took it for granted.

    And we have been avoiding stuff lately, except that I just went on a mini-fabric binge. Oh well.

  2. I hope this means that you are feeling stronger and healthier! As for the stuff diet, I am looking around and realizing that there is tons more that needs to go. Perhaps Labor Day weekend will be the Big Purge Weekend.


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