Monday, September 22, 2008

Wardrobe Maintenance

My recent sewing burst of sewing activity is attributable to finishing the huge pile of repairs and alterations that had stacked up. That and the flu shot last Friday that made working out at the gym so unappealing.

As part of Wardrobe Refashion and the Stuff Diet, I had sorted through our family's wardrobes. Some stuff was sent off to charity or Iris' cousin. Some stuff was set aside to be refashioned. The last pile, of mending or alterations, was like a millstone about my neck. It ought to have been easy to knock them out so I can get down to the fun stuff. I wish. It took months to get through that stack.

I watched as Summerset sewed new school wardrobes for her kids. She mentioned in one post that she aims for about a ~6-8 outfits for either warm and cool weather. In LA, we only have mild weather so Iris should need less, right?

Iris has 17 skirts and 16 dresses. This, after 2 dresses were demoted to nightgowns and 3 nightgowns were retired (one to her cousin, one to the trash, one to the rag bag). She still has plans for more clothes that she wants me to sew.

I was also surprised to learn that Bad Dad has 5 pairs of presentable black jeans and only 2 pairs of blue ones. (Ripped jeans are expressly forbidden in our very casual "business casual" work dress code.) He had also asked for a blue/green sweater. I had stalled him on that, thinking he had plenty of blue/green sweaters. He doesn't have any right now.

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