Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Catch Up

We are still porting our picture archive from the old computer to the new one. That's why posting of photos has been light in the past two weeks. Moreover, I can't find pictures of some old projects from the beginning of the summer. Why does getting a new computer have to be so painful?

Anyway, I finally sucked it up and finished the Habu Jacket Kit 36. I finished knitting the pieces an entire month ago, but never got around to seaming. I used my new Bernina tricot foot #12 and a 2 mm long, 1.5 mm wide zigzag stitch and grey thread. Three out of four seams looked fabulous and the fourth came out wonky. A session with a steamer set things right.

I couldn't decide whether to use buttons. I backed some shank buttons with flat, clear ones. That way, I can wear the jacket with or without them.

The jacket would look better with a collarless shirt instead of the polo in the picture.
The shorts are a wardrobe refashion. I mentioned how the wide legged jeans had a pair of shorts yearning to get out. I can't find the photos of the first attempt at refashioning the jeans.
Iris' yo-yo bedecked denim skirt. She loves the bling of the glass beads.
This weekend, I hemmed up 4 pairs of jeans/pants, let out the hem on another pair of pants, and added fasteners to two jackets. Alterations can be so tedious; I put them off as long as I can, but the pile became daunting. I outsourced two other alterations, repairing luggage and replacing a zipper.

Next up, sewing Iris a new a nightgown and some shorts and a shirt refashion she requested. The knitting news will have to wait.

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