Friday, September 05, 2008

Sabine Scarf

Grandma Ann of Sitting Knitting loaned Norah Gaughan Volume 1 to me. At first, I thought I would make just the scarves, Sabine (pictured below) and Jyri.

Intriguing, isn't it?
My version, in Sensations Kashmira.

You can wear it as shown in the brochure, or pull one scarf end between the slats of the other end. Your choice.

I later learned that Berroco offers nearly the same pattern, sans twist, for free as Sabinette. See assemblage's version in alpaca. I threw the scarf into the washer with the laundry 3 times and ran it through the dryer once. Kashmira does not felt easily for a yarn labeled as feltable. In green, this would resemble kelp, I think in a good way.

I did not follow the directions exactly. I used the 28 stitches as the pattern suggested. I knit the dk gauge yarn on size 7 needles, what I typically use for worsted gauge. Instead of the knitted cast on, I used a crochet cast on. This forms a chain on the bottom of each slat. I cast off using the crochet hook in the normal manner. This forms a chain on the top of each slat. When twisted, the two sides look identical. A small detail, but I think it looks nicer than the written pattern.

(You can see the crochet cast off and cast on in this post.)

Additionally, I did a slip stitch in the last bound off stitch before commencing the cast on to tighten it up. If you are a tight knitter, you may not notice the looseness between the stitches not cast off and the new cast on stitches. I am a big believer in doing whatever pleases you rather than following directions exactly.

Next up, did you look at the gorgeous skirt, Aune, in the top photograph? It reminds me of the Prada lace skirt that has been showing up in all the fashion spreads this fall.

I became obsessed with making this skirt. I even had my sister and Iris track down some Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a medium to dark color* for me while I was bicycling in the San Juans. They selected a gorgeous teal tweed. Alas, the yarn was too dark for the pattern to show. Don't worry, the yarn is being turned into a pencil skirt with flirty ruffles along the bottom instead.

*Would you wear a light colored lacy skirt below the waist if you had 39" hips?


  1. Hey, I saw that pink scarf! It's beautiful, and I like how you've shown it in a V arrangement--almost looks like lapels at a glance.

  2. "Would you wear a light colored lacy skirt below the waist if you had 39" hips?"

    Sure! (as long as those hips didn't go along with an enormous rear end...) The skirt's beautiful!

  3. Echo, the smart bohemian's comment. I don't think the number is as important as the way the garment looks on the person. Go for it.

  4. What a stunning scarf -- now if only I could finish the endless, endless lace ribbon scarf I could move on.

    Glad to know someone else has done the crochet cast-on -- I tried it last night for the first time because I want to put a crochet edging on afterwards, and it was a real beast. I completely cocked up my sums though (never do knitting math after 2 glasses of wine) and had to frog halfway through the first row. So I get to do the cast-on all over again :-(


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