Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Because

I need to read about something not doom and gloom. Margaret Williams, a fellow member of the South Bay Quilters' Guild was featured in the LA Times recently.
Now I'd like to tell you how old Mrs. Williams is, "but any woman who tells you her age, will tell you anything," she says.

A Dodgers fan for life, a trip recently to Arizona to be with the team, and yet all those losses the last 20 years, and here she is sitting in a wheelchair and pumping her right hand into the air when Nomar Garciaparra hits a first-inning home run.

"That's my guy," she says, while careful not to raise her left hand, which was broken in a recent fall that also resulted in a broken hip. "Try and put a pair of pantyhose on with one hand."

Now how old did you say you were, Mrs. Williams?

"Just because I'm old, I'm not forgetful," she says. "Go ahead and try and trick me, but I'm not saying."

The woman is still teaching adult classes on how to make clothes and quilts. She's wearing an outfit she made herself. She taught her husband how to make his own clothes.

She was teacher of the year for the Los Angeles Unified School District a few decades back, and one of the founders of Project Jordan, which financially assists youngsters who have advanced from Jordan High in Watts to college.
Read the rest. She is delightful.

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