Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stash Addition

I went to SAS fabrics last Friday and did not find what I was looking for. However, I found these two bolts of Tana Lawn, Pelagia B and Pelagia C. 20 pounds per meter in London, $40 per yard in NYC, $130 for 56 yards in Hawthorne, CA. Some people who live less than 5 miles to the west are afraid to venture into Hawthorne, but that just means less competition for me. ;-)

I also bought some silk remnant pieces that I will use for lining. If you look inside my garments, you will sometimes see mismatched lining pieces.

SAS sells some fabric by the yard, others by the pound. There is gold and dross so be prepared to spend some time digging. I bought up all the Tana Lawn, but left plenty of good stuff for the rest of you.

Patternreview posted an article about Fabric Shopping in the LA Fashion District today.

Yelp says that there are SAS Fabrics by the Pound in both Hawthorne, California and Phoenix, Arizona.


  1. Anonymous23:41

    That pattern reminds me of classic Liberty. Nice!


  2. Those are really beautiful prints. Good find!


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