Sunday, September 21, 2008


Iris selected this print for another Simplicity 5827 dress. We auditioned trims.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough fabric to cut out the dress. The French terry was too heavy for the dress anyway. I offered her pants instead. There was enough fabric leftover to make a top (Kwik-Sew 2893) with some coordinating cotton/lycra jersey. It looks like pajamas, though. I don't think she will be wearing it this way.
There was enough cotton/lycra jersey to make a skirt, using the skirt pattern pieces from Simplicity 5827 and a separate, sewn-on elastic waistband. She wanted to be sure you can see the full swirliness of the skirt. (Both fabrics and trims were purchased at SAS Fabrics in Hawthorne.)
This action shot in the sculpture garden of the Bowers museum* shows it better.
Thank-you for visiting our messy house. If I had spent any time this weekend cleaning up, it certainly wouldn't have been a productive and bloggable weekend.

* I dragged Iris and Mark, kicking and screaming to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see the Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor (May 18 - October 16, 2008) and American Quilts: Two Hundred Years of Tradition (September 20, 2008 – March 15, 2009). Both exhibits were "Wow" and well worth seeing.

They were charging an extortionate $75 for admission for two adults and one child. $75 (partially tax deductible) buys you an annual membership that admits two adults and offers discounted children's tickets.

I take back what I said about the Patina group restaurants and kids' meals. We ate at at Tangata, the Patina group's restaurant at the Bowers museum. Iris had a bowl of buttered noodles ($9) and a chocolate concoction ($8). Our food was similarly uninspired and spendy. We won't eat there again.

Next time, we plan to visit the Bowers Kidseum and eat at Little India on Pioneer Boulevard next time.

From the archives:
I want to be let alone in which Iris learns about sweatshops and slaves/prisoners inside of barbed wire fenced compounds who produce cheap clothes. It includes a cute story in which she tries to pay me with her own money while I sew her clothes so that I won't be a slave.

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