Monday, September 15, 2008

Dining Out

Two weekends ago, we went to Pasadena to pick up our tandem from the a shop that I will not mention by name because they treat women so badly. (It's not just me; I watched them treat two other women badly.)

Afterwards, we checked out at Book Alley's new location and planned to eat dinner there. Iris complained that her eyes hurt and my breathing was not optimal. We ate downtown instead.

Cafe Pinot's patio has such a nice ambience on a warm night. The building in the background is the Los Angeles City main library.
City Views.
The chocolate sundae off the kids' menu.
Cafe Pinot's children's menu can be quite intimidating. They offer a choice of several drinks, 3 entrees and two dessert choices, but NO PRICES. The first time we went there, we asked the waiter why. He said that there are no prices because childrens' menu items are free. Yes, FREE. I believe the same policy is in effect at all the Patina Restaurant Group restaurants. Iris let me have a taste of her dessert, and it was better than mine (off the regular menu).

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