Monday, August 27, 2007

Mood Indigo

Start, progress 1, progress 2.
The green Artfibers scarf kit. I just can't seem to follow directions. ;->

It is a double refashion because 1) the kit has been marinating in my stash for some time 2) the kits are assembled from odds and ends of coordinating yarns at the Artfibers millshop.

The pattern tells you to knit loosely in garter, tying on new yarns whenever you like it. Get it? Improv. Jazz. Mood Indigo?

(No, one kit won't make a whole sweater. I mixed in ~2.5 skeins of Cascade 220 and a little bit of Sirdar Evita, a wool blend boucle.)

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  1. Anonymous01:17

    I think it looks fabulous - I love the way you've used the random bits to emphasise the line between the two colours.

    (found you via wardrobe refashion)


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