Monday, August 27, 2007

Political Firestorm

There is so much in the news about Katrina right now. Sadly, our nation's failure is not unique. Read A Political Crisis Brews in Greece as Fires Rage. Note how the fires spread uphill, but unusually strong winds blew it up and over a ridge.

Science is easy, the political will to do something about it is hard. Keeping equipment, supplies and staff "just in case" is not wasteful. It could save your life and livelihood someday. In the words of one survivor who stayed and saved his home and that of his neighbors:
“I was disappointed, honestly,” he said. “Because not only was there no one to help me, there was no one in sight. ‘Am I just standing here alone? What happened to all my townspeople? What is the purpose of life if I am all alone?’ ”

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