Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Follow-up

My first attempt at batik was a mixed bag. The sun motif on the blue children's apron had the cleanest imprint of all my attempts.

The prerinsed apron is a few shades darker. Notice the smudges of soywax. FYI A dry apron was stamped with soywax on an antique Indonesian copper tjap. 4 cups of soda ash solution and 1/4 cup of turquoise dye stock was mixed into a 1 gallon ziploc bag. The apron was added;the bag was sealed and massaged to dye more evenly.

The shibori shirt looks very dark and has no discernible texture before rinsing. Perhaps it was becase thin kitchen twine was used instead of thick cotton yarn? Or maybe it was wound too loosely?

Post rinsing and washing, the shirt is much lighter. The thread resist does not show up on the front at all, a disappointment.

The back shows the thread resist slightly. I will wear the shirt for a while. If I don't like it, I can always lighten the dye and re-dye the piece. This was dyed with half a cup of midnight blue, aka navy, dye solution.

Miss Iris likes her turquoise blue iris sundress very much.

The iris imprint is very faint.

The orchid space-theme dress came out slightly uneven. She likes it nonetheless and promises to wear it.

Iris' cousin gets a peacock blue space theme t-shirt, too.

The golden yellow dress was put in a 2 gallon bag. The others were put in 1 gallon bags. Notice that this dress is dyed more evenly than the other pieces. Note to self; use 2 gallon bags in the future.

Click on the Dyeing keyword below the post for how-to information.

The asymmetric sweater rests on a "pattern sweater" to determine the length of sleeve I need to knit. I am knitting the sleeves top down a la Barbara Walker.

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