Sunday, August 26, 2007

Refashioned Skirt

I attached the bottom part of this pattern, Vogue 8001, to the cutoff shorts shown in Vacation Wrapup.

My first reaction when I took this photo is, they make me look so wide. I didn't taper the side seams at all so they poof out. As you can see below, the center front poofs out, too. Additionally, the lightweight rayon challis does not have the necessary weight to hold down the heavyweight denim.

We had friends over for dinner last night. One said that some skirts are supposed to have the A shape. He also said that it had the bohemian hippy look. That was not the look I was shooting for. Perhaps the refashion will be refashioned*.

We also went to Main Street, El Segundo yesterday. (If it looks familiar, it is because it is often a stand-in for small town America in movies and on TV. In reality, it is the home of LAX and many Fortune 500 companies with a daytime population ten times its nighttime one.) We ate lunch, Iris hung out with some playmates at the car show, and I pre-shopped the Slipt Stitch big sale. How do you think the minivan would look with a flame paint job?

* The skirt was refashioned again and turned into two skirts.  See them in Refashioned Refashioned Skirt.

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  1. Anonymous13:03

    Well, I think the flame paint job would go beautifully with the "bohemian hippy" skirt. I DO like the combination of the denim with the print of the skirt, but can certainly see the bohemian reference.

    Thanks for the link to the Time Magazine article by the way. Some interesting (and valid) points.


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