Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blithe Spirit

A good mother would not have a 7 year old child still bouncing off the walls at 10 PM on a Saturday evening. A good mother would have read to her children starting at 8 PM and had them asleep by 8:30.

A desperate mother might coax said child to bed by inviting them to listen to a radio play. A wordy radio play (in British accents!) seems unlikely to succeed, but the operative word is desperate.

We both fell asleep while listening to Noel Cowards' Blithe Spirit on LA Theater Works' The Play's The Thing. (Click on the last link to hear the current week's play streamed to your computer. However, 7 days after the play airs on public radio, the link will be removed and a new play moved in its place. Listeners can sample the first 15 minutes of older plays and buy them online.)

Last night, we listened to the half we missed Saturday night, using the laptop in bed. I must have dozed off because Iris had to explain the irony and ambiguity of the ending to me.

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