Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall Cleaning

I have been cleaning out our family's wardrobes slowly all summer. It does not make for exciting and photogenic blogging. I made an effort to fix things that prevented me from wearing much of the stuff I already owned. I reworked several tops by nipping them in at the waist, let out some waistbands and hemmed about 6 pairs of pants and a couple of jackets.

I am still trying to figure out what my "real" body size is. Almost 8 years post baby, I still don't know. One illness and I can drop 15 pounds again. One injury and I can gain 10 pounds. One holiday and I can gain 5 pounds from sampling all the food.

I donated several bags of stuff I wasn't wild about and wasn't wearing. I said goodbye to some worn out clothes. Iris claimed some of the stuff that will probably be forever too small for me. I polished all my belts and shoes. I probably should have done it more often because the leather cracked on several items. One belt had disintegrated to goo. Yuck! Iris and I had fun using touch up paint on some of the 1980s Beene Bag shoes in purple and green.

To my surprise, a clothing inventory showed that there were actually gaps in my wardrobe. For instance, I didn't have basic black or brown belts in my current size. Mark has no blue or green sweaters even though blue is his favorite color and he has the most amazing deep green eyes (framed with long lushy eyelashes that he uses to his advantage whenever needed).

Cidell and Carolyn wrote about cleaning out their closets and showed garments that they made and no longer own. Letting go of clothes that I made is the hardest for me. As I wrote before, they are my portfolio. Here is a red rayon/poly crepe jacket lined in rayon challis. It fits me well, but I don't really like to wear jackets that long and I should have used a nicer fabric. My time is worth it.

I wear this cotton jacket in the summer.

Don't you love the chevron details?

I also treated myself to this reversible wool/lycra jacket for winter.

Very graphic, and I can use the pockets from both sides!

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  1. I am working through the closets too, as I am in a stage of shifting weight, at the moment things are just going into "recheck" piles.

    I think I will photograph and perhaps blog the ones that go away as they are my only record of having made them. I regret not having photographed earlier projects that are no more.

    That graphic jacket is neat.


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