Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You're Invited to the California Women's Conference

There's a catch.

Not a Hollywood star with one nanny for each child and a spare for the other nannys' days off?

Not a major donor to our fabulously wealthy governor who campaigned on a platform of independence from donors, yet has raised more campaign money than any other governor in CA history?

Your employer didn't buy a table to curry favor with the governor?

Then perhaps you didn't score a ticket to the Women's Conference©.

Fear not, Sandra Tsing Loh would like to invite all you public school moms out there to join her outside the Women's Conference© to pass out muffins to those fabulous leading women who send their kids to private schools.
WHAT: Festive counter-protest to Maria Shriver’s (Governor Schwarzennegger’s wife’s) annual "Governor’s Conference on Women" (ticket packages are $125 to $3000, sponsors include Disney/ABC and Wachovia)

WHERE: Long Beach Convention Center (out in front)
300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802
(for map/directions/parking, go to: www.californiawomen.org/logistics/)

WHEN: 7:00 - 8:00 a.m.
Wednesday, Oct. 22 (yes, very soon!)

CELL HOTLINES: (310) 920-1692 Rebecca Constantino
(818) 426 1240 Sandra Tsing Loh


O California, the 9th largest global economy, ranks 48th in per-pupil public school funding

O While this "women’s conference" discusses such topics as female entrepreneurship, female wellness, leading a stress free life, and of course, looking one’s best, there is no mention of public school

O As California public school mothers, we believe:



At next year’s Governor’s Conference on Women, we hope public education can move from out on the street to INTO THE BUILDING


O Bring muffins or mini-muffins, either home baked or storebought

O Wear a festive apron if you like--you are a public school mother, you bake!

O And/or bring a coffee can to jingle for donations (gym, music, art program?)

O We’ll have info staple-ons, signage, and extra muffins for you

----> It’s a fun half hour offering a morning muffin--with a message stapled on--to incoming "women’s conference" attendees. . . At 9, you’re done!

Will we be talking about this on public radio and beyond? Of course!
© 2008, The Women's Conference.

The Women's Conference is a registered trademark of The California Governor and First Lady's Conference on Women.

The Women's Conference© is carbon neutral because they bought offsets. Our governor flies from his LA area home to Sacramento round trip every day in his private jet. But he buys offsets for that, too. I wish he would donate the money to Iris' public school so she doesn't have to squeeze in with 38! kids in her classroom.


  1. Just finding this now, while the event is happening, so I'm there in spirit--great idea.

  2. This sounds delicious on so many different levels.

    As a fully-employed, single, public-school parent, I wish that I had time to attend Sandra's muffin give away. I'm pretty sure that Sandra wouldn't turn me away because I'm the wrong gender. I even have an apron to wear.

    Instead, I used that time to participate in a paid opportunity to advance my career. Later I'll take my lunch hour to look at the 5th grade's American Indian artifacts.


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