Sunday, October 05, 2008


Iris' cousin spent a night at our house (along with her mom and their grandparents).
It seemed like a good time to break out the bag we keep in Iris' closet for clothes and toys she wants to pass on to H. I am always sad when Iris outgrows something I made for her, like this miniature flannel robe with little muffins all over it. This is one cute rerun.

Iris is wearing her new robe made of Liberty Tana Lawn, lined with French poodle-printed flannel. Ohh-la-la! I found the flannel at SAS and there was only a little remnant left. I bought some petal pink solid flannel at the Cotton Shop to finish the robe lining. I still need to make the pockets and tie belt before the robe is complete. The matching Tana Lawn nightgown has been cut out, but not sewn yet.
For her third birthday, I made H her own heart dress. Iris' is in size 6, H's is in size 4. I let H loose in the fabric closet and she choose the fabric herself.
Both robes are drafted from Kwik Sew Toddler or Children's sweatshirt patterns. I elongated the sweatshirts and flared them out slightly at the sides. Then I drew overlapping front pieces.

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