Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goodreads vs. Library Thing

It's a tossup.

I like the tagging and cataloguing capabilities of Library Thing. But my library is heavy on the reference/craft books and books I haven't gotten around to reading yet. Books I read and loved were likely passed on to friends who simply must read it, too. Books I read and didn't love were traded in at an used bookstore or donated. What about the read borrowed books?

Goodreads lets me shelve books by status (read, currently reading, to read). I can stop using my amazon wishlist to remind me of the books I want to read.

Where does one find the time to catalog all one's books? I finally got around to culling our cookbook collection and adding them to Library Thing. However, only about 30-40% of our home book collection has been added to LT.

For Goodreads, I will only add books as I read them, or to maintain a list of books I would like to read someday.

The lists:
Mark's Netflix movie ratings (1048 movies rated!)

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  1. I like this idea. I might do the same thing. I am contemplating adding my scattered list of books read the last year or two to goodreads though.

    I admire your discipline. If I truly love a book I do want to share it with friends, but there are books that I love and want to read or look at again and again. If I give them away, I sometimes find myself desperately wanting to reference something in them so I buy them again. I probably attach far too much importance to the physical book and am not content with just my memory of it.


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