Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Pumpkins

I bought a medium-sized and a small pumpkin, but Iris did not want to make the scary extreme pumpkin combo. She felt more comfortable painting her small pumpkin.

We browsed through a pumpkin carving pattern book and selected this pattern for the medium pumpkin. The pumpkin carving tools work well for carving through the pumpkin shell, but not so well when shaving the skin. The motion reminded me of cutting a linoleum block so I went upstairs to the craft room and found a linoleum cutter. (And some people think that I have too many craft supplies.)

My set only had two sizes of tips, none small enough for carving around the spider legs. Cuticle trimmers look about the right size and shape. It worked.
Iris wanted to try out the linoleum cutters. I had been working for a while by that point and really needed to visit the bathroom. I left her at it and ran down the hall. I was gone less than a minute before I heard a cry. How did she manage to cut her thumb with a linoleum cutter in such short time? Fortunately, the cut was superficial.

A friend from Boulder visited us last weekend. He drove with the top down through Utah's canyon country and several mountain ranges all decked out in fall colors . We will call that his pumpkin chariot.

Iris says that this will be our best pumpkin ever. I asked her how she can be so sure. She says it is because we never do the same pattern twice. She says that the best thing about our pumpkin is that it has a pumpkin inside of it, just like the extreme pumpkin, only not so scary.

So I guess it was a four pumpkin weekend.


  1. I'm very impressed with Iris' mixed media pumpkin.

  2. Clarification, I did all the carving except when I ran to the bathroom. Iris has been noticing self-referential things all over the place. I wonder if it is a phase that all kids go through? Or was it reading Alice Through the Looking Glass?

  3. No one mentioned that the spider has 7 legs instead of 8. I messed up. Iris and I joked that it makes the spider spookier.


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