Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not Aune

Norah Gaughan mused on her blog about how many/few knitters were actually using Berroco yarns for her designs. After all, her job is to sell yarn. I am guilty. I have knit several of her designs, but never in Berroco yarns.

However, does it count if I tried to use her yarn with her design, but it didn't work out?

My sister made two trips to a yarn shop for me to find enough Ultra Alpaca (600 g) to make the Aune skirt from Norah Gaughan Volume 1. I wanted a medium dark color and I love this teal/mallard heather that Iris and Ann picked out. But look how little all that effort (this is a fiddly pattern) shows in this color.

I tried, I really tried. Three pentagons later, I cried uncle and cast on for a simple pencil skirt in the round.

I highlighted the four darts using the small star stitch from Kira's Bell Curve skirt (free pattern from Knitty Winter 2007).

I made ruffles at the bottom using the directions from Flirty Skirty (free pattern from Knitting Daily). This picture is closest to the actual color.

Here it is on my double*.

* I have not gotten around to the final adjustments on my Uniquely You dress dummy yet. They tell you to zip the cover on the foam figure and let it rest for at least two days. The cover will stretch and the dummy will expand. Measure yourself and the dummy and compute the difference. Divide by four and take it in at the four princess seams. They are not kidding about the stretching. The dummy is now 1.5-2" bigger than me at the bust, waist and hips.

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