Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tidepooling Wrapup

The tide pools at Abalone Cove Shoreline Park was not as crowded as we feared. We were able to easily find a parking spot. Perhaps the smoke kept people away. Fortunately, the air quality at the park beat the air quality at our house.
The smoke made for a fantastic sunset.
The tide pools did not disappoint.
Anemones galore and some sea worms to the right.
Sea urchins and hermit crabs.

One of two sea hares that we found.
Octopus 3 (of 4 we saw) came out briefly. Iris helped this uni, or purple sea urchin, back to deeper water.
We saw too many brittlestars to count.
We marvelled at the rocks.
Which formed terraces.
Mark skipping rocks at sunset.
We capped the evening off with dinner and a birthday dessert at Cafe Misto.

Yesterday, we picked up friends around the block for carpooling. We then stopped at the food court in Mitsuwa Marketplace for lunch (soba zaru and unagi don, yum!) and Books Sanseido to pick up the latest edition of Mrs. Stylebook (pictures to follow), hit the tidepools, then went out for Mark's birthday dinner.

Today, we ran our errands and then went to a birthday party (same family who went to the tidepools with us), finishing up with a trip to Borders and the new Lebanese restaurant near our home.

The weekend is over and I didn't respond to Katy's meme or go to the gym. Perhaps next weekend.


  1. Anonymous16:29

    GREAT PHOTOS! i envy you that wonderful experience.

  2. What lovely photos! Iris is growing up daily. She needs to stop that. I say a big YUM to unagi don as well.

  3. Beautiful photos. Creative, nice composition.


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