Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wildfire Weather 2

The Corona/Anaheim Hills aka Freeway Complex fire was quite small yesterday morning when NASA's Terra satellite flew overhead, around 10:30 local time.
By the time NASA's Aqua satellite flew overhead, ~13:30 local time, it was a different story.
Today, the Freeway Complex fire eclipsed the Sylmar fire at 10:30.
And at 13:30. Note the new fire in Baja California, Mexico.
MODIS Rapid Response daily imagery, La Jolla subset. You can download imagery at 2 km to 250 meter resolutions from that page. These images are 1 km resolution.

Satellite data is often organized by Julian day of year, from 1 to 365/366. For instance, today is 2008321. You can go to any day's imagery at the MODIS link above by changing the DOY in the url.
View a Julian Day conversion table.

LA Times put together a Fire Map. The Freeway Complex fire alone has burned 24,000 acres.

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