Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thoughts about Mumbai

From Adventures of a Desi Knitter:
There’s so much to rage about - the rotting, utterly bankrupt and corrupt political system, the bellowing TV anchors and their hysterical, irresponsible and speculative reporting (Note to media: adding a question mark to a rumour - “another bomb at CST Station?” on a moving ticker-tape, or inserting the caveat “Are these rumours true?” above a list of wild, front-page speculations is not ethical journalism!), the blame game among political parties that has already begun, the utter horror of 20-something, smiling youth spraying bullets into crowds, the bewildering cascade of global and local causes and chains that makes such mayhem possible, the knowledge that this will not be the last - but for now, my heart and condolences go out to a fellow Raveler, who lost her mother in the indiscriminate firing that day.
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