Sunday, May 17, 2009

That was close

4.7, epicenter ~10 km from our house, nearly shook my hot iron off the iron rest. I was sewing upstairs while Mark and Iris were watching TV downstairs. The shaking was more pronounced upstairs and I thought it was a much more major quake than they did. I ran outside, forgetting to unplug the iron.

Mark went back inside to check for gas leaks and unplugged the iron. We don't see any visible damage. Some objects fell to the floor and my sewing supplies are piggly wiggly (as was the zipper insertion I was working on, but more on that later).

Iris was very scared, but is now calm, though the aftershocks scared her. She says it was her first earthquake and it was very exciting.

We've had swarms of earthquakes in SoCal lately. I have had to straighten out artwork hanging askew every few days in the past month. Living in LA is fun.

In the light of day, we found a dozen or so places where things have fallen off high shelves. It's a good thing we keep heavy things down low and light things up high. I hung out with other parents in the schoolyard. Most of us work closer to the epicenter than we live and do not relish going in to clean up our offices. The Chino Hills earthquake last year moved my low bookcase, the one not strapped to the wall, about 4 inches.

Check out the quake damage photos at the Daily Breeze. The places are between 0.1 and 1.0 miles from out house. So I feel fortunate we got off so lightly.


  1. Since I have never felt an earthquake, it seems frightening to me. I am glad that there was no more damage at home though.

  2. The very thought of a quake rattles my nerves, unfortunately!

  3. Oh my! I hope this is the last shake!


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