Friday, August 28, 2009


Remember when I wrote that UC Berkeley, CU Boulder and MIT attract subtly* different kinds of people? Well, there is nothing subtle about GQ's list of 25 douchiest colleges. CU Boulder is number 10 on the list:
Home of: The Kind-Bud Douche
Affectations: Prius; $400 Telemark skis you're not sure what to do with; bong made from recycled Nalgene bottles; white-guy dreads.
So that's how I should refashion my old BPA-laden Nalgene!

I can't vouch for the rest of the students, but my $400 telemark skis saw heavy action each winter. I owned 4 pairs of skis (in addition to 3.5 bicycles).

* Bad Dad and I observed that CU Boulder alumni age well. Everyone else appears to have the same % body fat (low) that they had in grad school. We felt positively obese at that gathering. We felt svelte at the MIT reunion.


  1. I may have hurt myself laughing at this list. The UVA one is actually all too true

  2. This list is wildly funny. Does that make me sound like the Harvard douche that I am?


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