Saturday, August 01, 2009

Apron Pattern

I never have enough pockets. I am also a messy cook. I don't care if it makes me look like a retro housewife. I like to wear an apron. Whenever my one apron was in the wash, I felt the loss acutely. Now I have enough to tide me over for a week.
I made the one on the right over a decade ago. I couldn't find the pattern that I drafted back then, so I drafted a new one. If you feel inclined to make your own, click on the pattern below to print it out in higher resolution. You can size the pockets to your own taste. The original had flat pockets, but the two new ones have pleated pockets on the sides. The center pocket is not as deep as the side ones. It is sized to hold a recipe index card.
Cut the straps the width in the pattern. But add hem allowances for the apron and pocket pieces!

The aprons met with Iris' seal of approval. She asked if we could share. No way am I gonna share the animal print one.

I will have to make more and stitch tucks in the neck strap that I can release as she grows. This would be a good project to make together. If you have been looking at edges of the sewing room photos, you can see that my stash can supply quite a few aprons. ;-)

Joan pointed out that I forgot to give the measurement from top hem to bottom hem. Length will vary with the height of the wearer, but mine is 31" and I am 5'5" tall.

The apron takes slightly more than a yard of fabric.  6 napkins takes a bit less than a yard.  Why not buy 2 and make a set?  They make great gifts. 

Black and White shows me modeling one of the aprons.

I picked up an alarming amount of fabric last month at SAS Fabrics. $60 buys you a lot of fabric when they are selling it at $2.99 per yard (silks) and $2.99-$4.99 per pound for the rest of the stuff.

They had a bunch of sample cuts of cotton lawn from Caravel Fabrics. Cotton lawn weighs next to nothing so they were a steal.
There were some remnants of silk shantung for $2.99 per yard.Sample cuts of stretch cotton twill and poplin from hi-fashion fabrics and other suppliers to industry.
Ultra-soft cotton jersey sitting on top of a cotton/linen stripe I bought elsewhere.
I bought some the swiss dotted lawn in both white (not pictured) and black (2nd from bottom). The top piece is real 100% cotton seersucker. The bengaline below it is a small remnant that will make a good trim. I am disappointed with the rayon piece on the bottom. However, I am not going to complain about one dud. You have to agree, that is a whole lot of nice fabric for $60 or so.


  1. such a great pattern. i realize it could vary depending on height, but what is the dimension from the bottom hem to the top edge? maybe i'm just missing it.

  2. Oops, I did forget to give the total length. YMMV based upon the height of the wearer. But mine is 31" from top hem to bottom hem and I am 5'5" tall.

  3. Woah.. badmomgoodmom your so detailed with your drawing. Are you a designer or a dress maker?

  4. @booster
    No, I am not a designer. I don't know what you mean by a dressmaker. I make dresses, but not for a living.

    Read my profile.


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