Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tanaka Farms CSA Update

Remember when Iris' school began participating in the Tanaka Farms CSA program? The first school organizer became too busy at work and somehow I became the new coordinator. School and church group organizers went to Tanaka Farms the first weekend in August to make plans for the upcoming year. The farm looks very different than at CSA day in April.
One happy tomato picker. And look at the lady behind her, who couldn't be bothered to shower between the gym and the farm tour.
Aren't these yellow and burgundy peppers lovely? Nature abounds in complementary colors. We took some home, and Bad Dad turned it into chicken in black bean sauce.
A sample late summer CSA box. The peaches come from the central valley, the rest are grown at Tanaka Farms. All are organic.
If you live in the South Bay and want to subscribe to these boxes of local and organic produce, send me email. I will send you the sign-up form in pdf format.

Redondo Beach coffee shop, Neighborhood Grinds, has been kind enough to serve as a delivery/pick-up location for the CSA. Deliveries occur every other week. Subscribers can select the weeks that work for their schedule and pay $25 per box. No long-term committment!

Click on the CSA tag and at the Tanaka Farms website to read more about the CSA program.

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