Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smoke and Ash

We have done some fiscal stimulus.
I want to make all the designs in A Fine Fleece. Even if you aren't a spinner, you should definitely check this book out. Each sweater is shown in a handspun yarn and a commercially available yarn in a common gauge/thickness. Just match your gauge and fiber characteristics, and you can get started.

That's my swatch for October Frost, knit in Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Merinos Otto Shadow. Otto is an Aran-weight 8-ply (Seis is a 6-ply DK weight). Words do not describe the softness of this superwash merino yarn. It feels like cashmere. The shadow color-blending effect is also gorgeous.

I am using a colorway named "Smoke and Ash". It's apt that I am knitting it now, because you should see the smoke plume to the northeast of us. We had dinner with friends last night, and we could see the glow of the fires from their balcony. The burn area is quite extensive. Because the burning hills are on the other side of downtown, when viewed from the beach cities, it looks like downtown is on fire.
Imagery of the Station Fire taken from NASA's Terra satellite courtesy of NASA's MODIS Rapid Response website. There are also fires burning south of the border.

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  1. I love "A Fine Fleece" and could also knit every project in the book. The yarn looks beautiful too. The swatches are very tempting. Knitting is temporarily on hold as I have an excess of male kitten energy and dominance issues in my house right now. I had forgotten how different a male kitten is from a female one.


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