Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two Scarves

My sister sent me this photo (from her phone?) while Iris was visiting her. When Iris told me that she was learning to weave, I asked her what color yarn she was using.

"Mountain colors something."

Mountain colors artisanal hand-painted yarn? For a kid's first project?

Ann picked up the phone and said, "It's OK; I told her to pick anything on that shelf and I meant it."
Thanks! She loves it.
I finally finished the large rectangle of stockinette stitch. I used one strand each of Habu silk stainless (28 grams violet and 14 grams black) and one strand of Blueberry Graceful laceweight. It only took about forever to knit miles of (OK, 1000 yards is not quite a mile) thread that I could barely see.

Here it is before I abused it with hot water, soap and friction.
Here it is in its fulled glory.
Check out the dress. I used a vintage Ralph Lauren shirtdress pattern and a rayon challis (a Denver Fabrics "Fabric of the Month"). I made this years ago, in grad school. It took much longer to cut out the dress than I anticipated. It has a NYC theme, with pictures of NY landmarks. Note the words on the dress. "New York", "America", "Look Here". Now try to cut out a dress so that "Look Here" does not land on a place that you don't want people to stare at.

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  1. Your shawl is beautiful. I love the way the colors catch the light even in a photograph in dappled shade, it must be breathtaking in person.

    Iris's scarf is also lovely. How sweet of your sister, and how wise. I think a first project that she loves will motivate further interest more than a "beginner" project that is never used.


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