Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dances with lint roller

In retrospect, I shouldn't have debuted this sweater (aka Papyrus Lace Cardigan) at the house of friends with a long-haired cat. A white cat and a dark sweater. Fortunately, their cat is afraid of strangers so Iris' and my allergies were not too bad.

It is hard to photograph this sweater because of the color. I wore it with a teal blouse and black pants today so you can decide whether the yarn is black or green. I can't decide. It depends strongly on the lighting. In the sun, it looks off-black. Under fluorescent lighting, it looks like a shaded malachite green.

Note the length of the sleeves. I knit and washed a swatch before measuring the gauge (18x24). I calculated the changes to the pattern to meet my desired measurements. After knitting, I blocked to the measurements. Then I put the sweater on and saw gravity work its magic upon the 100% cotton tape yarn.

The knit fabric stretches about 10% in length (and shrinks about 5-10% in width). In retrospect, I would have shortened the sleeves by 2" and widened the sweater by at least 2 inches.

When Artfibers discontinued Papyrus, I grabbed three 1100 yard skeins off their clearance shelves. I still have two more in pearl gray and medium green. I already chose a lace pullover pattern from the same Adrienne Vittadini booklet for the pearl gray. With gravity adjustment.

Currently, I am working on Annie's Butt Skirt in Cotton-ease, in the toned plum color. Spanx and I are ready.


  1. I have a real fondness for colors that change in the light. I think the sweater looks great. There's a good balance of chic and cozy. You're knitting the butt skirt? Good for you!

  2. Hmmm, it looks off black to me, but I can see how it might look greenish too. Geez, I'm no help at all, am I? ;)

    Seriously though, the cardigan looks great. I hope it's done all its growing though. I would hate the sleeves to get longer!

    I think skinnyrabbit ( had a problem with one of her cotton cardis growing and the sleeves becoming orangutan-like. She eventually, ripped and reknit the bottom portions of the sleeves.


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