Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I had lunch with some coworkers and a woman from another company yesterday. She was early in her second trimester, but afraid to ask her company about maternity benefits out of fear.

Why must she be so afraid?

Remember the post, Why don't smart people reproduce?

This woman had recently earned a PhD after many years of struggle with a research project that was more complex than originally believed. (Is there any other type of PhD research project?) Throw in some family tragedy that also slowed progress. If she wants children, she can't put it off any longer.

The birth of a first child, any planned and hoped for child, should be a joyous occasion. Additionally, I would like to see more smart and nice people like this woman and her husband in this world. Why does she have to be made to feel like a criminal?

I have a whole series of posts about birthrates, but What do I tell her? is most especially pertinent.

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