Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Santa Chronicles III

We have been so swamped, we forgot to light the Hanukkah candles for the first two nights of Hanukkah. Then we couldn't find any candles at our local grocery store or drugstore. (We found them at Whole Foods.)

Truth be told, Iris is not too happy about our upcoming trip to New Zealand. To get affordable (to us) airfares, we need to catch a red-eye leaving Los Angeles on December 23. Flying east, across the international dateline, we skip Christmas eve and land in Auckland on Christmas day. Iris is bereft.

How will Santa find Iris? No airplane we know has a chimney. I don't think he can come in through the jet engine exhaust; that sounds kind of dangerous. We will just have to hope that Santa's magic will overcome all obstacles.

(Never mind all that stuff about how you have to be good to get a visit from Santa.)

I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn't think Santa is real. Read The Santa Chronicles and The Santa Chronicles II. A smart kid would rightly guess that the minute she lets on that she doesn't believe in Santa, the presents stop. The real act isn't for the parents to pretend that Santa exists. It is for the child to convince the parents that she still believes. That said, Mark has asked Santa for a blu-ray player for Christmas.

All is not bah humbug at Chez Bad Mom. We have been counting down the days at NORAD Santa (website available in many languages). This year, you will have to download Google Earth in order to Track Santa. We did that. While waiting for the big event, the website has many games and puzzles for children.

NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs, a joint venture between the US and Canada. Since 1955, they have used radar and satellites to track Santa's journey around the world. The annual "video" footage is hilarious.

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