Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Importance of Being Multi-Culti

Mark and I are just checking our to do lists and having an "Aack!" moment. He traveled for work one week. Than we played tag team and I went on work travel for a week. We are at home together for one week and then off to New Zealand. Add to that, a personal family crisis that is not blog fodder.

Lovely holiday cards and letters are arriving daily, adding to our sense of failure. I haven't even started my holiday shopping. Why can't more people call a gift moratorium?

Luckily, we are a multi-cultural family. My mother in law sends out our holiday cards before the Jewish New Year in the Autumn. My mother sends out her cards before the Lunar New Year in late winter. Thus, anything in between those two holidays counts as on time! Saved by multi-culturalism.

Besides, we hope to have some lovely pictures from our trip.

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  1. multiculturalism = flexibility? i love that! I guess between my husband's Italian Catholic upbringing and my agnostic Chinese one (with birthdays being celebrated according to the lunar calendar), I'm safe too! :)


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