Sunday, December 09, 2007


I was so good today, packing Iris off to her Brownies outing and then to a birthday party/slumber party. Her bear is afraid of the dark so we had to leave the top unzipped.

I wrapped the presents, one new and one recycled, in outdated maps that would otherwise have gone into the recycling bin. I tied them with leftover trim from the time I sewed 22 Bavarian costumes for her Montessori class concert. Notice that a reusable fossil magnet is taped on instead of a plastic ribbon bow. So eco-chic.

I am leaving town tomorrow, so I stopped by the city library and the quilt guild library to exchange books. Using the library instead of buying more books is part of my stuff diet.

Buying 24 yards of quilt fabric off the $2/yd shelf at a local quilt shop (home of the South Bay Quilters' Guild Library) is not part of the stuff diet.


  1. Have a great trip!

  2. I like the wrapping. I am trying to wean myself off my addiction to wrapping, and find more ecologically friendly versions that also appeal to my love of going overboard with the package presentation.

    Have a good trip.

  3. I bought some Christmas fabric on the weekend - I'm going to sew some re-usable Christmas gift bags and keep using them each year!

  4. Anonymous15:36

    What was the recycled gift? Pixel chicks perhaps?

  5. I wish it was the pixel chix! She opened that package, played with it, and got sick of it. (Yay!) She is annoyed with the manufacturer because the units don't really plug in and work together as advertised. We both abhor false advertising. But she informed me that she doesn't want pixel chix anymore for that reason.

    Now she wants littlest petshop toys.

    Her friend got a new book and the first Nancy Drew boxed set (the recent update one). Iris is reading the second boxed set and we will pass that on later.


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