Sunday, December 16, 2007

San Francisco Slideshow

Look, AGU (American Geophysical Union), warrants a street banner!

That's me and a buddy from grad school, former assistant seismologist for the state of Alaska. Hey, if you are a seismologist, you gotta be willing to live in places with earthquakes. He makes a great companion for after meeting dinners; he holds black belts in several styles of karate.

Moscone Center West is a beautiful building. Notice this staircase on the northern end of the building. That's one single tree, taken apart and reassembled on site.

Note the lovely grain and carving. Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

I work in a windowless office. My home has a great view of the apartment building 10 feet away. I miss seeing the sky.

Fortunately, I had a corner hotel room last week with bay windows on two sides. It was wonderful to work at the desk in one bay window. I almost didn't mind the morning sun directly in my eyes, especially when the clouds rolled in.

The view from the other window, towards Union Square.

I had one free evening without meetings and work-related dinners. I went to Artfibers and Neiman Marcus. Despite the huge markdowns at NM, I managed to resist all temptation.

I tried on an Issey Miyake pleated polyester dress. It was several sizes too big, but you get the idea.

A Yohji Yamamoto dress made for someone much taller than me. Notice the folds around the bodice. They shouldn't be there. The fashion industry thinks that only very tall and thin women are interested in fashion. I wonder why?

The YY dress has an attached skirt that ties with an elastic cord. The skirt is attached to the front in beautiful curved seams. It was marked down to a price that I could afford. Too bad the dress was made for giants (with very thin arms).

Anyone notice that I tried on dresses by the same designers featured in Stylized Sculpture?


  1. Gorgeous dresses. I love the Miyake dress and might have been tempted in spite of the price and the size problem.

  2. I suspect that's a Coast Redwood tree, Sequioa sempervirens.

  3. The Miyake dress is crazy! How do normal women pull something like that off? It's beautiful, but more like a sculpture rather than something that one can actually wear. I guess my fashion tastes are very very boring.

    I miss SF!


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