Saturday, December 28, 2013

Friday Art Date

Bad Dad works a 9/80 schedule and we sometimes take Friday art dates.  This time, we booked tickets for the Turrell's Perceptual Cell and Dark Matters.  Wow.  Perceptual Cell is fantastic.  Too bad it's sold out through the rest of the run.
We took Iris and schoolmates to see the rest of the Turrell and Calder shows.  Those are not sold out, but it pays to book your tickets ahead of time as timed entry tickets tend to sell out early in the day.  Kids visit LACMA, including ticketed exhibitions for free.  But, accompanying adults need to be purchase either tickets or memberships to see those special ticketed exhibitions.

LACMA gave members a copy of the beautiful and informative Calder catalog/book.

We had originally intended to eat at an Ethiopian buffet before our ticket time, but I ran behind schedule running last minute holiday errands. We ended up eating at the food trucks on Wilshire Boulevard across the street from LACMA instead. Yum.

We ate just before the trucks closed down from lunch and watched the careful orchestration between MFVA members of the changing of the guard (between lunch and dinner).  I even saw one vendor leave his truck holding two lunches, bring them to another truck and share an after work snack with them before they all packed up their trucks and left.

The spots didn't stay open long.  In fact, the trucks pull forward or backward to allow members to pull out, then move again to spread themselves out until a fresh truck arrived.  Then they would compress to make room for the newcomer.  This happened repeatedly while we ate.  I was impressed by the high level of cooperation and professionalism.


  1. There is a Turrell installation at the Louis Vuitton store in Las Vegas. It is free to view it, you do have to make reservations - only four people are allowed in at one time. The first time we went we stayed in it for over 2 cycles of light.

    1. Thanks for the good tip. We don't get to LV very often. Is it there permanently?

      We visited family in SF last week and realized that one outdoor environmental sculpture we enjoy at the de Young is a Turrell.


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