Monday, December 30, 2013

Geographical Cues

Where did we go last week?  This is a blurry cell phone camera, but it tells a geographic story.  Learn more about tetra phobia.  I'll give you a hint.  We drove from LA to this hotel.

If you want to blend in with the natives, don't call it Frisco!  Herb Caen explained why to generations of San Franciscans in his daily column.  (BTW, a friend in HS showed up in class one Monday and exclaimed that he met Herb Caen at his sister's wedding the prior weekend.  We were both very impressed by his sister's coolness quotient.)

While we are on the subject of nomenclature, don't call it Cali, either.  It's just not used in polite company.  And you shouldn't buy any merchandise with this infringing logo.  Merchants just use this bastardized logo to avoid paying royalties to UC Berkeley for the use of their official logo.
Don't buy this rip-off graphic shirt!
This is the official University of California at Berkeley logo.
While I am at it, I would like to time travel back to grad school and explain that, while there were two American women in the first year physics classes, we were/are not the same woman. She went to Caltech (California Institute of Technology in Pasadena) and I went to Cal (University of California at Berkeley). Both are great schools in California, but they are 400 miles apart.  While we both like to wear tie-dye, she wears fringe and beads and I don't.  ;-)


  1. A little Googling and I've hit on the Hilton Garden Inn in San Mateo, CA for your hotel destination, though there are probably other hotels in the same area with similar configurations.


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