Thursday, December 26, 2013

Unselfish knitting

I stopped by Peet's to pick up a half pound of beans and saw their seasonal display of holiday gifts.  The lady who helped me said that a woman had just come in and purchased 20 (!) tins of peppermint bark, one for each teacher at her children's school.  Some people are such brown-nosers.

Anyway, that reminded me that I needed to get knitting.  I bought a Trader Joe's Singular Stack of lemon verbena-scented soaps and looked in the bin of odd ball leftover yarns under my bed.  Behold, four hand-knitted wash/dishcloths wrapped around four soaps.  I put them in Iris' purse and told her to hand one to each teacher and wish them a happy winter break.
I wonder if she remembered to hand them out?

My kid says she is embarrassed by all of my weird recycling practices.  In response to her complaints, I have bought a roll of birthday wrapping paper so that her presents are not the only one at the party wrapped in old maps.

But I think her teachers would appreciate a hand-knit dish scrubbie.  They are really hygenic because you can wash them in hot water.  The garter ribs scrub well and the cotton never scratches.  Plus, the lemon verbena smells so good.  (I feel a tad guilty that the soap comes from France while we grow plenty of lemon verbena in California.  But I take solace in that it probably came via container ship instead of air freight for a lower carbon footprint.)

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  1. My kids used to be embarrassed by my "that's weird, Mom!" ways, but now they brag that I make shopping bags, napkins, bread, etc. She'll grow out of it. I've noticed that both kids cook for themselves, compost and recycle. They are paying attention. It's just that other parents aren't as cool as you are. ;)


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