Thursday, December 19, 2013


I have a new favorite t-shirt.
Remember when I sewed 8 knit tips in 3 days back in August 2013?  Two of them were refashions using Kwik Sew 2555.  Because the twin sisters left sunny SoCal for rainy Seattle, I refashioned a couple of beach cities t-shirts into long-sleeved tops more appropriate for their new climate.  I started with a men's XL, chopped off the bottom, sleeves and a bit off the side, and then added striped sleeves.  (The color balance is a tad off and the picture below most accurately represents the purple of the shirt.)
I've been meaning to use the leftover hem piece for a color-tipped stripe t-shirt of my own.  I liked the look of the purple and black/gray heather knit together, so I started with the same combo.  Then I thought it would be fun to cut the sleeves and neckline from a thinner stripe.  Once I cut out the yoke pieces, the remaining purple scrap looked like it would make a perfect pocket.

The back neckband seam is virtually invisible... are the side and sleeve seams.  (Pats self on back smugly.)
I purchased the striped knits from an LA-area odd-jobber. They are reclaimed factory waste so this project is made from both pre and post-consumer waste fabric (stripe and purple respectively).

I really should clean the lint off the mirrored closet door.

The sewing room is a complete mess, but at least I cleaned off the machine table.


  1. Cute tee-excellent stripe matching! I always feel pretty smug about that myself. My sewing room is a disaster area as well, but I'll deal with that next week. Don't you also feel smug for making a cool shirt out of scraps?

    1. I do get satisfaction from using up scraps. But, it can become a compulsion as well. Notice how that curtain to the left of the machine table doesn't hang straight? That's because my zero-waste scrap bin is overflowing.

      So far, I've made 95 items this year; including over half the clothes for Iris and myself, gifts, home stuff; and only used 94 yards. I purchased twice that amount of fabric! Then bins overfloweth.

  2. I like it. Must make a similar one, when I get my machines set up. I have nearly identical stripey knits from the same place.

  3. Nice refashion!

  4. You've done well. These are really 'cool'.


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