Friday, December 20, 2013

Sister Shirts

I couldn't show one sister's refashioned shirt

without showing the other.

I used Kwik Sew 2555 for both.

When I helped my mom move, she gave me a bin of over two-dozen event t-shirts collected over the past 20 years.  I sewed them up into about ten long-sleeved t-shirts, using one shirt for the body and another for the sleeves.

I've collected* 51 women's Kwik Sew (KS) patterns and only used four of them so far.  However, I used Kwik Sew 2555 27 times (since I began record-keeping 5 years ago).  I have used three of the ten Kwik Sew children's patterns in my collection.  However, I've sewn dozens of things from the Sewing for Baby, Toddlers and Children books.

* I didn't purchase all of them.  Whenever people give away old KS patterns, I scoop them up.


  1. 27 times; that is one terrific pattern! I have two KwikSew patterns and they are both excellent :)

  2. Kwik Sew patterns are really good to save. They have lots of basics that are easy to adapt.


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