Saturday, August 15, 2015

Culture Clash

Texas plates.
We were having a good day at Rocky Mountain National Park until we saw that a car sharing the picnic area we picked sported that sticker.
Why do they want to bring a gun to a park?

Update: The NYT wrote about the gun culture clash in the backcountry 3 days later.


  1. If a bad guy with a gun (and he won't advertise it) showed up you would be glad the good guy with a gun was there. He would defend you no matter how much you hated him.

    1. But how good is his aim? And how good is he at discriminating the bad guys from the good guys?
      Hunting is not allowed in the NPs so I don't see a need.

      My cost-benefit analysis includes

  2. Us "Good Guy" Texans are pretty good shots. Target practice a must if you carry. Soon, open carry will be allowed here, but I prefer conceal as the bad guys need to wonder.

    1. It is one of life's regrets that one of my daughter's friends' dad offered to teach me to shoot the same time he taught his daughter but I moved to Boulder. He's a former Army ranger and would have been a great trainer.

    2. Anonymous16:16

      One of my (many) amazements hiking in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming was how many hikers were carrying either pistols in a holster or some kind of longer gun in a scabbard type thing on their pack. Had never seen anything like it before....when I started asking what the guns were for the responses were "snakes" and "bears". Neither of which I saw the whole trip....Its a cultural divide for sure.


    3. One of my friends used to be a seismologist in Alaska. He said that he learned to shoot and carry fire arms on the job because the #1 reason for sensor network outages is curious bears (polar, grizzly and black).

      He said that he carried the 45 while repairing the equipment. It wouldn't stop a grizzly, but he hoped it would give him enough time to run back to his truck for his rifle.

      Grizzly bears are expanding their range and have been sighted near Lander, WY.

      What is bear spray? How does it work? Is it effective? Should I carry it with me when hiking?

  3. I think this bumper sticker is meant as humor, not a threat or offensive. The person who put it on this car probably got a good laugh and thought others would too. I am so grateful for those who put themselves in harms way to serve the public ( our military and law enforcement). It is a wonderful feeling to know you are protected, I am a transplant to Colorado from Oklahoma and grew up in a home with 50 guns and learned to shoot. Not sure why this irritated you, could most likely be a retired veteran or law enforcement. And Texas is one of the greatest states in the nation, the fact that liberals stereotype it is proof


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