Monday, August 17, 2015

Twin Refashion

I fell out of love with this rib knit twin set. It started out a pale blue. Then I tie-dyed it with a deeper blue at the bottom.  I still didn't love it.

Iris and a friend spent a week with me in Colorado.  Her friend liked the twinset, but wanted to extend the bottom hem 2-3".  (I wear higher-waisted jeans than teenagers.)
I had a piece of linen in just the right shade of blue.  We shaped the sides of the original shell with a curved shirt-tail bottom before blind-hemming the linen band to the bottom.
She starts college this month.  Is this set too cool for school?

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  1. Anonymous08:19

    Your tie-dye is beautiful. A great outcome and a win-win.
    Vancouver Barbara


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