Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dear Burdastyle

Your website is one big ad for Burda. It's overkill to run banner ads for non-sewing-related companies on top of your commercial site.

At least the banner ads stay put and I can ignore them.

But I cannot forgive the ads that play peekaboo, obscuring the pictures of your products that I came to see.  They move up, they move down.  I can't seem to aim my mouse over the 'close' button.  Then, when I finally do hit close, it gives me another misleading and counter-intuitive popup screen which opens yet another ad page.

I just cannot make them go away.
Even if you do manage to close one, these zombie ads keep coming back.
Burda, how much money are you making from these ads?

How much money are you losing from these ads?


  1. Anonymous07:24

    Bravo. I hate them too. So frustrating. Time wasting.
    Vancouver Barbara

  2. ha! I adore Burdastyle magazine but absolutely loath the whole entity that is "Burdastyle US." I'd add to your complaint the way they completely ignore Burdastyle UK subscribers - this is after all the only English language website in the Burda family. Surely they should acknowledge that most people who sew from Burdastyle subscribe to the magazine, rather than downloading PDFs? It infuriates me that there is no function on the website that allows you to see what patterns will be in each monthly magazine.


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