Friday, August 21, 2015

Speed Sewing

I came across my early 2015 sewing priority list and my summer 2015 course corrected sewing list. Shorts that fit my current midsection size were high on both lists.  How many have I sewn?

0, zip, zilch, nada.

Realistically, I don't have enough time. Since I sprained both my ankles in April 2014, I gained 15 pounds and lost 10 of them. I place a higher priority on work, family, settling into my new place, and losing the last 5 pounds than sewing things that are time consuming (fly fronts) and don't excite me.

I went to Goodwill instead.

3 pairs of shorts for $4 a piece. Done.


  1. Shorts are boring to sew anyway. Better to spend your time elsewhere

    1. Exactly. I would rather sew 1-2 cute tops to wear over the shorts on my bike commuting days. Like today! I took the shuttle up to the Mesa Lab and can roll downhill home.

    2. Plus my waist is a moving target and I don't want to invest time in something that I might not wear for long.


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