Saturday, August 22, 2015

Simplicity 1463 Set

I bought Simplicity 1463 because I thought Iris would like View C, but her friend selected View A.

I've always had good experiences with Karen Z for Simplicity patterns and this was no exception.

I like the way the top gently curves down in the back.
Again, we went one size down from a L to a M.  We also used a S neckline.
It looks much cuter on the 18 yo than on my dress form.

We went straight from the airport to Colorado Fabrics, where she selected 3 pieces from the pre-cut tables in the back.  There was enough of this red and black stripe rayon/lycra jersey to make a skirt using Vogue 9789 View C.  We added CF and CB seams and mitered at a 10 degree angle.  10 degrees makes a very subtle V.  If we had more fabric, we could have angled the skirt pieces more.  But, I was pretty proud to show her how to get 2 items out of a ~2 yard cut.

She has 5 new pieces for her fall/college wardrobe and some new skills.

Iris doesn't have the attention span for or interest in sewing.  I made one skirt for her.  She OK'd the pattern and fabric, then said it was all wrong.  Grr.  I'm going to step away and do some selfish sewing for a while.

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