Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Women's heath is human health

I'm so sick of this discussion.  But, I feel a need to explain this point, especially to the men who say that they shouldn't have to pay health insurance premiums that cover maternity benefits because they never gave birth.

I think you should pay extra premiums because someone gave birth to you and you won't need to put your life and livelihood on the line to give birth to someone else.


  1. ckharnett07:55

    Again? I remember when that senator said he didn't personally need maternity care so let's cut it. Pointing out his mom DID need it helped shut that thing down. That was in 2009.

  2. Perhaps there should be a option for men who can prove they weren't born and won't be involved ever in anyone else having to give birth to get special insurance that doesn't cover maternity.

  3. Anonymous14:16

    Such an observation by anyone over about 6 should disqualify them forever from public office. Its just hard to imagine......I guess I live in a bubble because I have never heard an actual person say such a thing..


  4. As a women's health worker, thank you.

  5. ..and did you hear what the Bush-kin said today? 1/2 Billion is "too much" for women's healthcare. No doubt he wants to increase spending for "Defense", in which NOTHING costs less than $1B

    1. But my maternity benefits (for a complicated birth and recovery) were largely paid by DoD defense money. ;-)


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