Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Not a sewing video

In case you want to hear my actual voice (not the POV 'voice' you read at BMGM), you can view a tutorial I taped as part of the Yellowstone User Seminar series. Yellowstone* is NCAR's main supercomputer. (The older, retired ones are reserved for use by my section.)

Citizen scientists who don't have an account on Yellowstone may find the general info on how to find and use our open access weather and climate data useful.  In my years as a SAHM and citizen scientist, I downloaded and practiced data wrangling/mash-ups/analysis/science with RDA data.  When they had a job opening, I was in a good position to go pro.

* Since last June, YS has slipped from #29 to #50 on the list of world's fastest supercomputers.  You think supermodels have a short shelf life at the top?  Try being a supercomputer.  Read Slice of Sky.

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