Thursday, August 27, 2015


I prefer a drama-free day-to-day life.   Ideally, I'd only get my drama vicariously, through art.   But, I do like my dramatic commute.  Pinch me, I work in the office building on top of this mesa.
School starts this week and the traffic during move-in week is unreal.  I commuted by bike* last Friday, before the smoke from the myriad wildfires moved in.

My lonely bike because I work a later schedule than most.
Even the flag had already gone to rest for the evening.  
Pretending I have a handle-bar camera as I exit the driveway.
About to descend.
Stop 20 meters into descent for dramatic view.
It's easy to miss this ped/bike shortcut when whizzing downhill.  It leads through a neighborhood.
To another ped/bike way behind the DOC (Department of Commerce, NIST & NOAA) Laboratories.  Then a couple of blocks through another neighborhood and along the Broadway bike path.  I wave to the atomic clocks as I roll by.
Then roll through the University of Colorado, Boulder to central Boulder and home.
~800 vertical feet descent.  Three national labs.  One research university.  Google's Boulder campus. A dramatic commute.

Does anyone have a helmet camera they can loan me so I can film a video of the commute?

* I bike to a shuttle stop in the morning and get a lift UP to work.  I roll downhill home on my bike.


  1. Anonymous08:28

    Wonderful. I look forward to the video. Glad to know you get a lift UP. Looks to be a daunting ride otherwise.
    Vancouver Barbara

  2. I was wondering about the uphill part. There are little cameras you can buy that clip on, I've seen them on Amazon.


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